House Technic

Heating / Gas installation,

             Altec Haustechnik plans, installs and repairs sanitary installations of all sizes.

               Heating systems and gas condensing units (new energy-efficient heating systems or planned installation of a heating system)

               Gas installation

Sanitary installation / Tile work

       Sanitary installation (installation of showers, shower cubicles, toilets and sanitary facilities, renewal of pipelines, kitchen installation)

       Tile work (bathroom, kitchen or balcony)

Interior works/ Stucco

       We offer interior construction and drywall for all premises.

       Interior construction / drywall (ceiling cladding, suspended ceilings, wall cladding, floor systems)

       Stucco processing (attach new plaster pieces or repair old pieces)

       Raumausstattung (Tapeten, Fenstervorhänge, Sichtschutz, Insektenschutz)

Flooring / Furnishing / Parquet sanding / Laying laminate and parquet

               Flooring work (parquet, carpet, linoleum, design document or cork)

               Laminate (easy-care, insensitive, and durable)

               Parquet (sanding, oiling and sealing new parquet or older parquet)

               Room equipment (wallpapers, window curtains, privacy screens, insect screens)

Window / Door / Awning assembly

       Window installation (windows made of plastic, wood and aluminum as well as installation of window elements)

       Door installation (interior doors and installation of door elements)

       Awnings assembly